Ics Documentation Of Mutual Aid Agreements

23 Sep 2021


Ics Documentation Of Mutual Aid Agreements

8. The Liaison Officer:A. “Organizes the resources and services necessary to assist incident targets.B. Track resources and incident documentation.C. Make information available to the public. D. Is the interlocutor of other reaction organizations. 21. What area of operation does ICS monitor resources, collect and analyse information and maintain documentation?A.

PlanningB. Operation C. LogisticsD. Finance/Administration 7. Which staff negotiates and supervises contracts, manages documentation for reimbursement and controls timing for intervention personnel?A. Head of logistics sectionB. Head of Operations Department C. Planning Department. Head of Finance/Administration Department What is the ICS function responsible for documenting reciprocity agreements? 13. Which IKS function is responsible for documenting reciprocity agreements?A. Planning.

Incident CommandC. OperationD. Finance/Administration Who handles media requests at the crime scene? 23. Within a single command, members representing several jurisdictions and agencies work together to establish:A. Situational awareness B. Incident ObjectivesC. Resource allocationD. Shared agency 22. In order to ensure effective and clear communication, the characteristics of the national incident management system recommend the use of:A. Common terminologyB. Agency-specific CodesC.

Technical language D. Acronym 39. Which staff is responsible for feeding the assigned response personnel and for communication, medical support and transport to achieve the operational objective?A. Head of logistics departmentB. Security Officer C. Public Information OfficerD. Head of planning department What is the position still held in ICS applications? 28. The incident is at the command. Logistics Section. . Which NIMS management feature is the logging, storage, and inventory of resources part of? 4. .

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