Subject Verb Agreement Psat

12 Apr 2021


Subject Verb Agreement Psat

The SAT tries to deceive you by placing long sentences between the subject and the verb. Often, the number of the name closest to the verb does not match the subject`s number. If you cut the switch phrase, it will be easier for you to identify the subject and determine if there is an error in the subject verb chord. The theme is both time and place. Therefore, the verb must be plural. In addition, there is an additional error in the sentence that “for approval” should be “for approval.” The correct answer is C. 10 PRONOUN-ANTECEDENT AGREEMENT (PAA) 6. The project hires volunteers to transcribe the recipes: volunteers capture the handwritten recipes scanned from our personal computers. one. No Change B. his or her C. their D. one`s Choice C is the best answer because the grammatical pronoun “their” corresponds to plural “volunteers.” Choice A is wrong because it provides a possessive pronoun that would correspond to “us,” which would only be valid if the author were part of the volunteer group.

Choices B and D are wrong, as each provides a possessive pronoun for a single noun, but the theme of the clause is the “voluntary” plural. For these kinds of questions, always cross appostive and non-essential clauses. This will make it easier to identify problems related to the agreement between themes and verbs. The resulting sentence must be grammatically correct. Let`s do it with the misspelled version of our previous example: to choose the right verb, we must first find the subject. Let`s start by applying what we learned in a previous chapter, and cross-reference the preposition sentences: A non-essential clause often begins with a relative pronodem (who, who, or where), but not in an expression known as appositive. A appositive works as a non-essential clause, but it has no verb. Here`s an example: rarely does the subject follow the verb, especially in a question or when a sentence begins with a pronoun like “there,” “the” or “he.” 7 INVERTED STRUCTURE ERRORS (SVA) REMEMBER: In the sentences “inverted structure,” the real subject appears according to the verb. Viewed with suspicion, the NAACP proposed to grant tax credits to parents who send their children to private schools. HINT: Don`t be fooled into thinking that “NAACP” is the subject of the judgment. Return the sentence: “Proposals to grant tax credits…

were looked at… [.]” Each of the following sentences contains an error of technical verb agreement: 7. Behind the school gymnasium are the offices of part-time coaches and assistants. 8. Making the basketball team varsity and staying on the honor role is one of Tania`s goals for the school year. Here is an example of a sat-subject-verb chord question that uses a compound topic. When answering these types of questions, keep this in mind, the names must agree with their appropriate verbs, and both must be singular (referring to one thing) or plural (related to more than one thing). Now that we`ve looked at different types of questions related to the thematic verb agreement, we`re discussing the strategies you can use on your SAT to find out if you come across a question of agreement with thematic verbs and we assure you that you are answering the question correctly.