Tedx Speaker Agreement

10 Oct 2021


Tedx Speaker Agreement

A photo credit is provided upon delivery of the image. This credit must be fully in progress. TEDx is a global program that is given to life by thousands of people around the world, which requires some basic rules. Below are the complete rules for hosting a TEDx event from start to finish. These rules are not negotiable and binding on all organizers – as it is up to us and you to preserve the integrity of the TEDx vision. Yes, as long as you comply with the terms of the Creative Commons license mentioned above. In fact, we encourage you to find creative ways to share TED talks with your friends, family, students, colleagues, and communities. If you`re interested in hosting a TEDxCanberra-style event, you`ll learn more about TEDx. Site homepage: The home page of your website must contain: Yes, as long as you comply with the terms of the Creative Commons license mentioned above. Many teachers use TEDxCanberra lectures to stimulate discussions with students or to complement teaching materials, and we recommend that you do so.

. If you are a public or private cable channel or network and want to create a TV series based on TEDxCanberra conferences, you will need a business partner license agreement. Please contact Stephen Collins, Creative Catalyst to find out about the opportunity. No no. Our Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license clearly states that “derivative works” of any kind (Edits, Cuts, Re-Mixes, Mashups, etc.) are not permitted without the express permission of TEDxCanberra and the spokesperson. Yes, it`s them. The Creative Commons license does not replace copyright – which remains unshared with TEDxCanberra. Event Basics Talk Content Licensing Basics Branding + Naming If the spokesperson agrees, we provide the filmmaker with movies in one of our standard formats: DVCPro NTSC, DVCPro PAL, DVCPro NTSC Anamorphic or DVCPro HD 1080i60. We don`t deliver a film on cassette.

No royalties are collected, but the cinematographic material must be accompanied by a screen credit (usually a third lower) that refers to TEDxCanberra.org. . . .