Vps Agreements

14 Oct 2021


Vps Agreements

Although the specific benefits vary depending on the organization of the public sector in which you work and the respective company agreements, you can generally expect certain benefits. See staff benefits. However, there are various agreements that apply to a large part of the Victorian public sector. One of them is the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2020. It contains information on grades, steps and other general conditions of employment for the services and agencies concerned. Compliance with the above changes may be restored as far as possible: 9.4. The company is not liable to the customer for the unlawful actions of third parties, which makes it possible to disclose confidential customer information or other actions that cause damage to the company`s equipment, theft and / or deterioration of the customer`s data. This clause establishes a review process (which is effectively a separate dispute resolution procedure) for the handling of a complaint by a staff member, a group of collaborators or the CERB with regard to the principles of equality between women and men, and allows for the settlement of such a claim by the Head of Gender Equality in the Public Sector. If the Commissioner is unable to settle a claim, it may be classified as a class dispute for resolution by the Fair Work Board. 12.1.

The company guarantees the availability of VPS nodes at the level of 99% per month; 15.5. Any type of hardware upgrade and additional hardware installation is only possible under the monthly paid Flexi Pack option. The cost of the expanded installation is 15 euros per month. 11.3. It is forbidden to run spamming software, message delivery software, botnets, input software, fishing software and any other software that violates legal work on the Internet. 20.4. Content containing child pornography (as well as links to it, even if they are not stored on the Client`s server) must be deleted from the server within 3 hours of receipt of a complaint, otherwise the Company reserves the right to block the IP address of the SERVER. 1.21. DoS, DDoS – an attack on a computerized system to make it unavailable. 15.6. In the event that additional services (e.g. B Windows license rental, Flexi-Pack and additional hardware) are cancelled by the Customer after the issuance of the renewal invoice, the Customer must pay the invoice as issued, including the price of the additional options to be cancelled.

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