Windsor Oakeshott Agreement

16 Oct 2021


Windsor Oakeshott Agreement

ROBERT OAKESHOTT: I think we all agree that uh, uh, uh, we`ll end up making your call based on your 20-point plan. We cannot be expected to make a decision on this. We need to sit down now and have a thread on it. Almost immediately after his election to the Legislature, Oakeshott identified a number of disagreements. He was not comfortable with the party`s strong socio-political conservatism; He recalled that it was “massively heavy” not to support a labor law for a trial in a secure injection room. He was also upset by a high-ranking nationalist who claimed that “blacks and poofters” were gaining too much influence in the party; he was particularly offended by the former because his wife is of South American descent. He was also pressured to join the determined opposition of the Nationals to a republic. [2] [23] The 37-page agreement between the Gillard government and the two independent MPs Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor aims to correct many injustices and anomalies. A key element of the agreement with Mr Oakeshott and Mr Windsor was a ten-page annex entitled Agreement for a Better Parliament: Parliamentary Reform (the `Agreement`), negotiated between the coalition, the PLA and the independents. The proposals in the agreement, as well as some proposals from the Greens and Mr Wilkie, served as the basis for procedural changes in the House of Representatives of the 43rd Parliament; most of these amendments were implemented by amendments to the Rules of Procedure on 29 September 2010 (second day of the 43rd sitting of the legislature) and on 19 and 20 October 2010. Bowen writes: “It is one thing to accept the support of some independents to form a government (as Curtin did in 1941).

It is quite another to make concessions and compromises with a political party with a completely different philosophy in order to form a government. I think the Australian people are wondering what a political party really stands for when such agreements are reached. Gillard made a strategic mistake when he revealed a formal alliance with the Greens. It`s hard to see where the Greens should go, so they probably didn`t have to go that far. The price of their deal was to break their word on the carbon tax, which became a disaster for them. [57]. In November 2010, the Senate Trials Committee recommended that the Senate also test a system that would improve the ability of private senators to review bills, as provided for in the parliamentary reform agreements reached at the beginning of the 43rd Chamber. It provided two hours and 20 minutes during the week only to consider private senators` bills and a mechanism to determine which private senators` bills would be considered.

The Senate passed an interim injunction to conduct the proceedings for the first six months of 2011. See Senate Committee on Procedure, Consideration of Private Senators` Bills, Senate Committee on Procedure, Canberra, November 2010, accessed November 6, 2010. October 2011, In speculation before Kevin Rudd`s return, there was some discussion about whether the main crossbenchers, especially Windsor and Oakeshott, would try to bring him down. .