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To serve the best interests of our clients through persistent effort and a team approach based upon the highest standards of personal integrity, business ethics and industry professionalism.

our process

The process followed by Americas Commercial Real Estate involves a strategic and comprehensive approach, ensuring that clients receive high-quality service from the initial contact to the successful closing of deals.
Here is an overview of their service process


Initial Consultation

Meet with our experienced real estate agents for a one-on-one consultation. We'll get to understand your property needs and financial goals.


Get matched with an expert agent


Discuss property needs and budget


Establish a personalized action plan


assessment & analysis

Needs Assessment:

We will perform an assessment to identify the client's specific requirements, such as:

Property type, location

Budget, and desired features

Get immediate updates on new listings

Market Analysis:

Americas Commercial Real Estate conducts market analysis with extensive research capabilities. This icludes:

Studying market trends

Property values, rental rates

Potential investment opportunities

Our in-depth understanding of market dynamics enables them to provide clients with accurate and up-to-date information, ensuring informed decision-making.


Property Selection

Based on the client's requirements and the market analysis, Americas Commercial Real Estate identifies suitable properties that align with the client's goals. They thoroughly vet properties, considering factors like:

Location condition

Accessibility, and profitability

By presenting clients with a carefully selected range of options, they assist in making an informed choice.

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Negotiations & Documentation


Once a suitable property is identified, we leverage our negotiation expertise to secure the best possible terms for the client. This includes:


Negotiating prices


Lease terms and conditions


And any other relevant factors

Diligence and Documentation:

After reaching an agreement, we facilitate the due diligence process, which involves the following:


Conducting necessary inspections, surveys


And financial analysis

We make sure that we accurately prepare and review all important documents such as leases, contracts, and agreements.


Closing the Deal & Ongoing Support

Closing the deal:

We provide comprehensive support throughout the closing process, coordinating with all parties involved, such as:


Lenders, attorneys, and title companies

We make sure that all necessary paperwork is filled out accurately, which helps to make the closing process smooth and successful.

Ongoing Support:

Even after closing the deal, we continues providing ongoing support and assistance to our clients.

Throughout the entire process, Americas Commercial Real Estate maintains a high level of communication, transparency, and professionalism, ensuring that clients feel supported and confident in their commercial real estate endeavors.





Expert Guidance from Start to Finish. From property valuation to closing deals, we've got you covered.

Your Certified Experts

Experience the difference of working with a team that is passionate about your success and is devoted to delivering exceptional results in the commercial real estate industry.

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President / Lic. Real Estate Broker

Michael Silva, SIOR

Executive Vice President

Raymond Diaz, MSIRE

Senior Commercial Advisor

Enrique Robaina

Senior Commercial Advisor

Raul Bode, P.A.

Senior Commercial Advisor

Bradford Ross

Senior Commercial Advisor

Sadel Ekmeiro

Commercial Advisor

Marcel Perez

Commercial Advisor

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Commercial Advisor

Sean A. Bernaldo

Financial Analyst

Andre Mendoza

Data Research

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Office Manager

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Director of Marketing